Meet the photographer: Sandra ten Zijthoff

Currently based in Quito, Ecuador, Sandra’s love for photography began at the ripe young age of 11. Born in Rome, Italy to a Peruvian mother and a Dutch father, Sandra grew up traveling around the world. Consequently, travel and exploration have always come second nature to Sandra and her two sisters. To complement her insatiable curiosity for travel and the natural world, Sandra began taking pictures of the creatures, people and places she discovered.

Upon graduation, Sandra took to studying Anthropology at the University of Colorado at Boulder during which her knowledge and love for photography increased through long hours in the darkroom in order to complete photography assignments. Shortly after graduating from CU Boulder, Sandra travelled to Lebanon, Syria and Pakistan for a year, finally settling in the Netherlands for two years to pursue her Master’s in International Development Studies.

Throughout her studies and research in the field of international development, Sandra’s camera has never left her side. In fact, photography has frequently been used as a medium to document research findings.

Sandra’s photography has been published in Femme Fatale: An Amsterdam International Arts and Literary Magazine. Her photography has received recognition in international competitions, such as 1st place in Amateur Photographer of the Year Awards – Round 6 (Away from home) and Finalist in the Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards (Kingfisher on the rocks).

To inquire about prints or to contact Sandra directly, e-mail her. Sandra also offers report design and translation services. To learn more, click here.